Bengbeng Sourdough has elevated the traditional bakery business. We are proud to be the first online sourdough bakery delivering our bread fast & conveniently within 1-3 working days across all West Malaysia. 

We have expanded from being just an online platform to supplying over 20+ retail outlets. What's new, we have also opened our first retail kiosk located at Glo Damansara, TTDI. 

We are a few steps closer to our startup goal "to make sourdough bread accessible to everyone"

Our operation is now based in the Cookhouse, TTDI facility, Kuala Lumpur.

Co-Founder & Baker

My sourdough starter is almost the same age as my son. 

I started making sourdough bread when my lovely wife was pregnant. it was her pregnancy cravings. 

Jun Qi
Co-Founder, Wife & Mother

I wanted sourdough donuts for my birthday. During MCO, we let other people try our bread and they love it! 

Since then, we have been sending out freshly baked pastries across Malaysia. 

Bengbeng Sourdough Bakery (CA0328399-P)

Lot 2055, Lorong Taman Sari 2,
Taman Sari, Mukim Padang Bongor,
15200 Kota Bharu, Kelantan.  

Phone/WhatsApp: 0172273870
Email: [email protected] 
IG: @bengbengsourdough